Friday, April 24, 2009

Dresses with Sleeves

I don't know why or when strapless wedding dresses became The Thing, but I don't really get the whole fetish. Personally, I find them rather unflattering. I'm partial to anything with sleeves. They always lend a sweet, vintage look.

Utah seems to be a hot spot for sleeved dresses. The place also breeds really great photographers.

I think perhaps these folks should pack up their cameras and some cap sleeve dresses and head out to the East Coast asap.

Any suggestions on where to get awesome non-strapless dresses?

{Photos by Allison Cox Photography - here here here via Oh Happy Day}

{Photos by Leo Patrone - here here here here here}


D @ Colorblind Productions said...

Anonymous said...

For really beautiful dresses with sleeves that you can order, take a look at:

ashlie johnson said...

i would take any of these dresses in a heartbeat!

also, just stumbled upon your blog while googling "unwedding" (i heard there was an article on ... anyway, i LOVE your sensibilities and i'm totally on board when thinking of my own wedding. sure, i can imagine planning a huge extravaganza that requires months of coordination and countless inspiration boards ... just not for myself. no way. so thanks for everything you post! it's good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled upon your blog and loved it! I can't agree with you more...sleeves to so much for almost anyone. I'm also a recently engaged 24 year old from CT who has been on the hunt for an awesome sleeved dress!

the sassy kathy said...

thanks for your sweet words ashlie! glad to hear there are other ladies that share my unwedding opinions :)

and congrats anonymous! wishing you luck on your dress search.

Anonymous said...

I'm in total agreement with you. This whole BRIDEZILLA fiasco that has become "the wedding" is completely out of control. Yes, I want to look pretty, but please! This over the top-ness is just too much.

Katie E. said...

Cracking the Utah code: Six of the weddings you selected here took place at LDS Chapels. For members of this religion, the sleeve-thing is as much (if not more) about modesty as it is about the classy, vintagey thing. Because sleeved dresses are not in fashion, there are several online, etc. companies based in Utah that sell dresses with sleeves. You might try searching for "Mormon wedding dress" as much "wedding dress with sleeves." I've lived in Utah for years; the best dresses I've seen are actually vintage or homemade, but every year, the designs get better and better. Hope this helps.