Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I Don't...

...think that "underwater engagement photos" are anything other than
a giant waste of money
a cry for attention
an attempt to be featured on a wedding blog
and attempt at competing in the perpetual battle of
"my wedding is more original than your wedding."


"I have been struck by how many weddings are very showy. Maybe the nature of a wedding lends itself to that tendency: the guests arrive, take a seat, and the carefully scripted “entertainment” unfolds before them – complete with costume, hair, make-up, a pretty chorus line, romance (maybe a tear or two), scene changes and (hopefully) some pretty hilarious one-liners. AND, usually, the bridengroom throw in food drinks and some dancing: all for the cheap price of a (pre-selected) gift off the registry!"

- a wise realization on A Practical Wedding, where else?

I Don't...

...get it.

The balloons.

It's a sweet picture. It is.
Artistically lovely.
But in my opinion, the only thing you should be holding in your wedding photos* is each other.
Or a small pudgy-cheeked child.
Or a fork.
Filled with wedding cake.

Basically, when you start bringing in the balloons and the mustaches you're trying to make yourself more interesting by using props.
And hopefully you won't need that.
As a wise woman once said - "your wedding is not a photoshoot."
*note I do not mention engagement photos - b/c I fail to see the purpose of spending a few extra hundred dollars to prance in a field.
{photo via here}

Who ever dreamed up....

...the whole bridesmaid tradition?

Having some of your best buddies stand by your side to witness your vows? Great. All about it.

(Not TWENTY OF THEM. Mind you. Not a freaking estrogen army. No need to prove how many friends you have. No need to dig your kindergarten playground pal up out of the ether and plant her next to you in a token of forgetten friendship.)

But. Selecting a color palette? And picking their dresses? And their shoes? Their freaking jewelry?

It's super fun to play dress up when you're USING BARBIES.

Not so much fun for grown women who are shelling out hard-earned dollars for dresses that - let me just venture a generalization here - they will never ever in life wear again.

I can't even fathom it.